To Everything There is a Season…

As I type this post, I am nestled warm in my house, surrounded outside by the aftermath of a blizzard.  Over the past two days, Kentucky was pounded with a snow storm of epic proportions.  In my font yard, I currently have a whopping 18 inches of snow.  You heard me right, 18 INCHES!  Just to think, my teacher friends and I were stalking meteorologist Chris Bailey’s blog a week ago, desperately yearning for a SNOW DAY!  What a difference a week makes!  Here we are in a state of emergency and school isn’t even on the radar!  This may be a snow month instead of a snow day! Come to think of it, did I save the receipt for those valentines my boys bought for school??

snow fort

Yesterday I stared out the window, watching the snow gently fall to the ground.  It wasn’t just plain snow, it was the giant flakes that wistfully took their time getting to the ground.  For a minute, I felt like I was in a Christmas snow globe!  As the snow peppered down, I thought about how I love Kentucky.  True, Kentucky weather can sometimes be very menopausal (it was almost 60 degrees on Christmas Day), but it suits me to a T.  If you were to ask me my favorite season I honestly don’t think I could give you an answer.  I’m a very high maintenance person when it comes to my weather… I like it all for a certain period of time!

I love winter, I love snow, and I love that my job and where I live allows me to be a stay at home mom during certain seasons.  There is something about memories made in the winter.  When I was a kid, we were lucky to get one good sleigh riding snow per year, 5-6 inches at best.  I love the opportunities this winter has brought for me to make memories with my kids.  When we get snow, we make the most of it, no matter how deep!  What do you do when the snow is waist deep on your kids and they can’t move?  This momma goes outside and shovels out a snow fort!! (If Daddy hadn’t been called into work, he would have probably designed a full blown igloo.)  The squeals, laughter, and memories were priceless and amazing!  The tears Kinley shed when she fell face first in the snow were also a memory… of a different sort (I’m thinking Sadness and Anger from Inside Out had to fight over that memory).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving all the fun and family time, but by the time this 18 inches melts (Let’s get real, it may actually BE spring before 18 inches of snow melts!!) I will be more than ready for spring and 70 degrees!  I’m seasonally high maintenance, remember?

I love the wonder snow brings and the magic in my children’s eyes.  I love the new life that comes with Spring.  I love the adventure that arrives hand in hand with summer.  I love the coloring book of fall, in all it’s splendor.  When God created his masterpiece, I think he knew we would have a never ending array of needs, so he created a season for them all.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;”  Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

No matter where we find ourselves in life, there is a purpose for our season.  Every year, my husband plants acres on acres of corn to feed our many animals.(I’m a part time farmer too, did I mention that?) The corn is beautiful in the late spring and summer.  It’s lush, green, and full of life.  However, fall came and went, and the green slowly faded.  December arrived and it’s beauty had came and went.  It looked dilapidated, and, well, dead actually.  Visually, in it’s worst state, it was then we harvested it.  After it weathered storms and colder weather, it was then it was able to yield a harvest for us.  While it was beautiful, it was of no benefit to us, but in its weakness, it was the most fruitful.  You may feel like you’ve stood through the storm and everything you had to offer has been taken.  But that’s the thing!  YOU STOOD!   Rest assure, though you may be weary, it is after the storm you can yield your greatest fruit.  Brighter days are ahead!  If today you are broken, rest assure, springtime is coming, and we serve a God that can make old things new again.  Be Blessed!